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Essay: Offline & Online Social Behaviour
Home automation - Proof of concept
3D modeling - Exterior
3D modeling - Office space
Smartphone concept
GLOW 2012
Kermis Weert 2012
Website 100th anniversary Moeselkapel
Agora (bulletin board 2.0)
Website Sushi Tokio
Today's Tweetmap
Alfion / Uni-IT Wallpapers
Website civic guard St.Barbara Tungelroy

About me

Look! It's my head!

I'm an allround multimedia developer with a passion for digital media and technology, and recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in ICT & Media Design at the Fontys university of applied sciences in Eindhoven.

I try to master as many tools, techniques and platforms as possible and keep teaching myself new things wherever I can. My ambition is to explore the boundaries in combining media and technology to create innovative concepts and experiences.


If you want more information about my portfolio, services or if you're interested in my resume, please contact me on one of the social networks or by using the form below.

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"De trein kan niet vertrekken vanwege een verdacht iemand langs het spoor" #NS, je hebt een trein, dat win je met gemak. #vertraging